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Liberty IT Solutions Company Profile

Liberty IT Solutions is an Information Technology Services provider located in the historical city of Liberty, Missouri. It offers an extensive array of I.T. services and integrated E-Commerce solutions to small and mid-sized businesses, with local support available in the Greater Kansas City and California Bay Area.

Our primary business is to bring advanced I.T. technologies to small and mid-sized businesses. We make technologies affordable and we make them work for YOU! Everyday we strive to be the best in service and also the most personable I.T. company you have ever dealt with.

Why Are We Here?

E-commerce, computer networking, data management and secure data storage have already become integral parts of all businesses regardless of their size and reach. Proliferation of the Internet also offers a tremendous amount of new opportunities for all. However, the high cost of I.T. services and lack of know-hows have kept thousands of small and mid-sized businesses from taking advantage of the new technologies and reaching their full potentials.

Liberty IT Solutions is founded by four seasoned I.T. professionals on the premise that there is an urgent need to unleash the potentials of the internet and provide fast, reliable and mostly affordable IT/IS services to this vastly under-served market. All our senior consultants hold advanced engineering degrees with extensive experiences in design and operations of enterprise and telecom networks, web publishing, database integration as well as application development. You will find that our consultants are exceptionally knowledgeable yet extremely personable. We listen, we seek the best solutions for our customers, and we deliver!

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