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Q. What is Linux

A. Linux is an Open-Source (free) computer operating system. Because of its superior stability, scalability and significantly lower total cost of ownership in server applications, it has gained huge popularity among fortune 500 companies and Small Medium Businesses (SMB) alike.

Q. Which companies are using Linux?

A. IBM, Dell, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Oracle ...

Q. Can I benefit from Linux?

A. Yes. Based on many independent studies, most of the companies will likely achieve the following benefits by switching to Linux server solutions.
  • Lower Cost — Zero licensing cost. 3-year total cost of ownership savings of up to 70% compare to Windows.1
  • Higher Stability — 55% less down time than Windows on average.2
  • Better Performance — 74% faster in database application3; 78% faster in file serving.4
  • More Secure — For every 1,500 viruses out there attacking Windows, there’s only one designed to attack Linux.5
  • Lower Application Development Cost — huge inventory of Open Source Software and inherent benefits afforded by developing in the Open Source and Open Standards environment
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2. Standish Research Group, 2001
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Q. We already have a Windows based network, can we take advantage of the Linux but still keep our existing investment intact?

A. Yes. Linux can be integrated into a Windows environment seamlessly. You will realize the benefits of Linux even when you have a mixed operating systems environment. For example, when you deploy a Linux based file server, your employees simply will not notice the difference, except faster file serving and a lot less downtime. A lot of times, when there are Linux and Windows running side-by-side, the advantage is obvious enough that most businesses opt to migrate their entire computing infrastructure toward Linux.

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