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Liberty IT Solutions offers an extensive array of I.T. services and integrated E-Business solutions to small and mid-sized businesses, with local support available in the Greater Kansas City and California Bay areas.

Our primary business is to bring advanced I.T. technologies to small and mid-sized businesses. We make technologies affordable and we make them work for YOU! Everyday we strive to be the best in service and also the most personable I.T. company you have ever dealt with.

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eBusiness Solutions

  • On-Line Payment Solutions
    On-Line Payment Solutions

  • eCommerce Site Development
    Comprehensive on-line shopping web site that will establish global presense for your products and services.

  • On-Line Shipping Integration
    Shipping Integration.

  • Database Integration
    Integrate your multiple databases into one easy to manage database. We can also integrate your existing off-line databases (i.e., customer, ordering, inventory, etc.) with on-line transactions.

  • Web Development
    Customized web site design services at very affordable price. Liberty It Solutions has technical expertise to develop a full range of web applications that meet your business needs.

  • Web Hosting
    Web site hosting for small to mid-sized business. Currently only available to our web site design customers.

  • Mailing List Management
    Mailing List Management

Enterprise I.T. Services

  • Open Source Software
    Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)

  • Server Systems
    Provide installation, configuration, maintenance, and administration services for a variety of network servers and server appliances. We also provide firewall configuration and basic network security audit services for your network.

  • Networking
    Provide enterprise network planning, design, installation and maintenance services.

  • Wireless
    WirelessStarting from under $300, this is all you need to share your Cable Modem/DSL broadband access without messy rewiring. Also allows file and printer sharing among multiple computers. Ideal for home and small office needs.

  • Security

  • Cable Technologies
    Cable Technologies

  • Database Development
    Provide complete database solutions (design, administration, reporting and application development) in Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

  • Software Development
    Develop a variety of software applications, whether they are stand-alone, client-server applications or web-based three-tier applications, we have the right tools and skills to develop customized applications that meet your business needs.

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