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eBusiness Solutions:Mailing List Management

Liberty IT Solutions provides complete solution for managing mailing lists and generating and sending personalized e-mail messages. It provides all the essential tools for building and maintaining mailing lists, creation of messages, and message delivery. It allows recipients to remove themselves from your mailing list automatically.

Liberty IT Solutions DOES NOT, and WILL NOT, send spams or help any company to send spams!

  • Customized mail server: LITS provides customized mailing system suitable for your business processes. It can be used for automated processes such as sending confirmation email, or sending out a large number of emails at the time specified. Each message will be sent out as an individule message directly from your mail server to the recipient(s) as a private and confidential message.

  • No mailing-list size limitations: The system we implement does not limit the number of records in a mailing list. You can create an unlimited number of mailing lists with an unlimited number of recipients in each mailing list.

  • Complete automation: The system we implement provides full automation of the message distribution. You may configure how and when to generate and send messages to your mailing lists. It also automatically processes subscription and removal requests.

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