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Enterprise I.T. Services:Wireless

Why Go Wireless?

Wireless technology offers greater reach and mobility of computers and other network devices. Most agree that wireless networks and services represent the future of computer networking and the Internet. With today's affordable wireless LAN solutions, you can share files, printers, and broadband internet connection, or play computer games with the family, feed the music collections from PC to your entertainment system, surf the internet on the couch, just like a wired network, but without costly cabling expenses.

Advantages of Liberty IT Solutions

  • Vender independent. We are not tied to any particular vendor. We just provide the best and most cost-effective solutions to our customers.
  • Technical Expertise. With extensive RF engineering and research experiences, Our wireless consultant's technical understanding and hands-on experiences is unmatched.
  • Network Security. Combined with our networking expertise, we can provide you not only a Wirelss-LAN that works, but works just for you, so no one can break into your network and steal your resources.

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