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Open Source Technology

Open source software is made available free of charge to the general public. The rationale for this is that a large community of developers who are not concerned with proprietary ownership will produce a more useful and bug-free product for everyone's benefit. The open source concept relies on community members to find and eliminate bugs in the program code, a process which commercially developed and packaged programs do not utilize. The process of eliminating bugs and improving the software happens at a much quicker rate than through the traditional development channels of commercial software. The information is shared throughout the open source community and does not originate nor channel through a corporation's research and development department

It is open source technology that has fuelled the growth of the Internet over the last six years with key applications such as Sendmail, Linux, Apache and BIND, languages like PHP and Perl, database application like Postgre SQL and MYSQL, and mark-up languages such as HTML, WML and XML.

Here is an article details the benefits of open source softwares - Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers!

Here's another article detailing the continued sucess of the Apache software (the software that powers the majority the web sites on the internet - Apache zooms away from Microsoft's Web server

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The traditional application software has huge advertising and brand-marketing budgets that give it a very high profile, far beyond its actual importance. On the other hand, the open-source business models ensure high productivity and quality.

At Liberty IT, we firmly believes in the philosophy of Open Source and is currently moving towards increased adoptions of Open Source software applications. Liberty IT believes that the Open Source business model will ensure the progress of technology for the benefit of all, significantly reduce the overall IT cost for millions of small and medium sized businesses, albeit continuing to protect intellectual property rights.

Liberty IT Solutions specializes in open source technologies. Since year 2000, we have been helping businesses to use open source technology to improve productivity and save cost.

Liberty IT Solutions can help you to seek benefit from the innovation and flexibility of open source technology.

Some Open Source Softwares we Specialized in

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